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Whitfield Hall is owned by John and Maureen Allgrove. John Allgrove grew up in the Blue Mountains. His parents emigrated from England to Jamaica and his mother ran a guesthouse, first at Whitfield Hall and later at nearby Torre Garda. She led tours on horseback across Jamaica and from Kingston to Blue Mountain Peak. John eventually leased and then purchased Whitfield Hall.


John and his wife Maureen Lumsden Allgrove even spent part of their honeymoon
painting the roof! For John and  Maureen, Whitfield Hall continues to
be a labor of love, and today their farm produces some of the most
highly regarded Blue Mountain Coffee grown in Jamaica.


In addition to running Whitfield, John is a civil engineer and Maureen is retired from development work. They have three children, Zickie, Tanya, and Deanne, and two grandchildren.



Roydell Sutherland (pictured at left) manages the coffee farm. He also ferries guests to Whitfield Hall in a 4-wheel vehicle (a trusty Land  Rover) from Papine or Mavis Bank.




Brothers Everton and Loxly Willis have worked at Whitfield Hall for several years. Everton (on the right) lives on site at Whitfield, and manages the house. He cooks meals for guests, and is responsible for all coffee pest control. Loxly (also called "Tiger") often guides visitors to Blue Mountain Peak.

Wilbert Jackson works on the coffee farm at Whitfield Hall. He helps repair our vehicles and keep them in good working order. Wilbert also occasionally acts as a guide to Blue Mountain Peak.


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