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Whitfield Hall's Blue Mountain Coffee is an exclusive and quality-controlled product. During your visit to Whitfield Hall, be sure to try a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee. Sometimes you can purchase roasted coffee beans  -- the ultimate Jamaican souvenir! --  but unfortunately, it's not always available by the pound.













Blue Mountain coffee seedlings growing at Whitfield Hall farm.


Blue Mountain coffee is a deliciously rich coffee which at the same time is surprisingly mild. Coffee connoisseurs the world over prize it for its balanced, vibrant flavor with low acidity. The unusual and rare quality of the coffee is obtained from a variety of factors: the amount of rain in the mountains (300 inches annually), the soil, the particular climate, and the limited amount of sunshine. Blue Mountain coffee berries take twice as long as other coffee berries to mature. This prolonged time on the plant makes for the rich, mild flavor once it is processed, roasted, and brewed. The prolonged maturation process, along with the remoteness of the region, contributes to the very high cost of Blue Mountain coffee.

















Whitfield Hall's Blue Mountain Coffee

A little Blue Mountain Coffee history


What makes Jamaica's Blue Mountain Coffee so special ?


In 1728 Arabica coffee plants were first introduced to Jamaica by the former Governor, Sir Nicholas Lawes. Coffee cultivation did very well in Jamaica, and by 1800 there were 868 coffee farms on the islands. Little did the colonials realize that the coffee grown in the Blue Mountains would eventually come to be known as the world's finest -- and one of the most expensive.

Bags of Blue Mountain Coffee berry being loaded into a Land Rover.

Blue Mountain Coffee is very strictly regulated by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. Only coffee grown
within certain regions of the Blue Mountains, at elevations higher than 2,000 feet, on approved farms, win
the Coffee Industry Board's official recognition as Blue Mountain Coffee. Genuine Blue Mountain coffee
can only be processed and roasted by certain approved factories.

In the United States, you can expect to pay $50 dollars a pound; in Europe up to 50 euros a pound; and in Japan more than $80 a pound. (But you can sample a cup of Blue Mountain Coffee at Whitfield Hall for$1 U.S. or $100 Jamaican per cup!)

Whitfield's Blue Mountains Coffee berry
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