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Jamaica's Blue Mountains lie to the north of Jamaica's capital, Kingston. A spectacular natural wonder, the mountains are known as "blue" due to their eerie bluish cast, especially when surrounded by fog. They run for 28 miles across the mid-eastern portion of the island and contain Jamaica's highest points of elevation.


Blue Mountain Peak, at 7,402 feet or 2,256m, is the highest point in the country. Whitfield Hall is situated directly on the trail to Blue Mountain Peak, 6 1/2 miles from the Peak itself. Many of our guests hike to the Peak to watch the sunrise.


The Blue Mountain and John Crow Mountain National Parks span 192,000 acres. One of Jamaica's main rain forests can be found in the Blue Mountains (while another can be found in Cockpit Country). This national treasure a rich diversity of flora and fauna and is protected by the state. Called a "virtual Garden of Eden" by Frommers, it provides a safe haven for 800 species of endemic plants, 200 species of birds, and 500 species of flowering plants, including the Chusquea abietifolia which blooms once every 33 years.


Trekkers, tourists, and bird watchers  from all over the world come to climb, walk, and even bicycle through this gorgeous terrain. Learn more about our Blue Mountain Coffee by clicking here.








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