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WHITFIELD HALL can host up to 33 people in our rustic accommodations. Within the house there is no electricity, so night-time light comes from Tilley kerosene pressure lamps and normal kerosene lanterns. All bathrooms are shared and only have cold running water.
Please note: We are only able to accept cash (U.S. dollars, Jamaican dollars, Canadian dollars, pounds, or euros). Thanks for your understanding. For information on reservations, please click here. The following rates are effective July 5, 2021.







Due to circumstances,
Whitfield Hall is operating at reduced capacity -- only a 2 bedroom cottage is available.

Blue Mountains Jamaica
Most of our rooms contain 4, 6, or 8 bunkbeds. Bed linens and blankets are supplied, but you should provide your own towels, soaps, and other toiletries. Shared bathrooms have cold water showers -- for a truly refreshing mountain experience!
ADULTS $22 U.S. or Jamaican $3.000 per person PER NIGHT
CHILDREN UNDER 12: $15 U.S. or Jamaican $2,000 per child PER NIGHT




Blue Mountains Jamaica


The Colonel Whitfield Room is one of our two private rooms with a double/full-sized bed for couples or very close friends. This bedroom has been quaintly decorated to reflect the historic and Georgian architectural roots of the house. Bed linens and blanket provided. Shared bath next door.


A private bedroom in our Annex (a small cottage located next to the house) is also available.


Single Occupancy: $30 U.S. or Jamaican $4000 PER NIGHT

Double Occupancy: $60 U.S. or Jamaican $8000 PER NIGHT


Visitors can camp on the front lawn at Whitfield Hall. No tents or gear provided. Charges are listed below:


Camping with use of the kitchen, bathrooms, and main hall for meals only:

$11 U.S. or Jamaican $1,500 per adult/per night

$6 U.S. or Jamaican $800 per child (under 12)/per night

Tents and/or gear not provided. Campers have to make their own weather assessment at the time of camping.


Travelers making day trips to the Blue Mountains may use our facilities and picnic area for the day for a charge of U.S. $11 or

$1,500 Jamaican per adult, children (under 12), U.S. $6 or 800 Jamaican. The charge is U.S. $2 or $300 Jamaican per person for a meal stop only.

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