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Introducing Whitfield Hall' plant nursery.

If you've traveled up into Jamaica's Blue Mountains to visit Whitfield Hall, you have probably tasted our delicious Blue Mountain coffee. Drinking a cup of coffee brewed at our coffee farm and hostel is an essential part of any Whitfield Hall experience. We can't think of anything that better compliments that gorgeous mountain scenery.

(In the Blue Mountains Jamaica's scenery is simply stunning. Photo courtesy of Deanne Allgrove.)

It's also certain you've spotted our coffee under cultivation -- those bushes growing in profusion on the property with the glossy, deep green leaves. But have you ever gotten a glimpse of the coffee nursery?

(Where our Blue Mountain Coffee gets its start. Photo courtesy of Deanne Allgrove.)

This is the area on the farm where coffee seedlings are cared for as they grow and become heartier specimens. It's exciting to look out on this sea of healthy seedlings and know that one day, they will be tall, hearty plants yielding a very precious harvest.

(Coffee seedlings up close. Photo courtesy of Deanne Allgrove.)

Hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse behind the scenes. If you're interested in more photos of Whitfield Hall, we hope you'll visit our Facebook page. Thanks for stopping by our blog, and hope to see you in the Blue Mountains soon.

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